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Andrew Hale
Barrister and Solicitor

I became a lawyer in 1981, and gained wide experience working in country Victoria. I learned about most aspects of the law, and this background helps me to provide constructive solutions to problems. In 1990, I returned to Melbourne and was the principal partner in a Boutique firm specialising in Criminal and Family law.

I was drawn to

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Criminal and Family law, and became a specialist in both those areas. I remain a Criminal Law Specialist, accredited by the LIV. I have been a criminal law Specialist since 1995.

I was a Family Law Specialist from 1989 until 2013, when I allowed

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that specialisation to lapse.

I have worked in personal injuries, property, commercial and estate planning legal areas. I have appeared as an advocate in trials and hearings in most courts and tribunals, and am an experienced advocate.

Most lawyers don’t have such a broad background, coupled with specialist knowledge. My unique experience is your advantage.

I have over thirty years’ experience as a lawyer. If you need help in managing a crisis, or you want advice in delicate commercial and family circumstances, call me.

I now practice mainly in Criminal Law, Road Safety/Traffic and Family Violence Protection Act matters. I will provide you with sound advice, and can appear on your behalf in court.

Donor www.endfamilyviolence.com.au

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Specialists in Criminal Law & Intervention Orders